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Moving America's Lighthouse

Moving America's Lighthouse

In the summer of 1999, America's tallest, most recognized and most photographed lighthouse - the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse - was moved from its original location to its new home 1,600 feet from the sea.

Hear both sides of the debate on whether or not to move the beloved monument. Learn about its rich history. Understand the science and technology behind a move of this magnitude. From its construction in 1870 to the dramatic relighting ceremony in November 1999, witness it all in this fascinating behind-the-scenes documentary.

Featuring: Walter Cronkite
Narrated by: Stockard Channing
Original Music: Loonis McGlohon
Length: 1 hour

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Silver Telly Recognition

  • Selected for National Broadcast by PBS Plus
  • Silver Telly Award
  • Regional Emmy nominee
  • Arts & Science Council Regional Artists Grant
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